CSS Writing Modes Level 3 Test Status 2016-09

This document summarizes tests that do not meet the exit criteria and are not required as of Sep 2016.

There are 995 tests in the test suite, 118 of that have only 1 or less implementations.

At Risk Features

  1. Only 1 implementation for sideways-lr and sideways-rl.
  2. No unprefixed implementations for text-combine-upright: digits
  3. No implementations for the look-ahead/look-behind sequencing rules for the text-combine-upright property.
  4. No implementations for the automatic triggering of multi-column behavior of orthogonal flows.

28 tests have only 1 or less implementations when these are excluded.

Tests That Require Other Specs

  1. No implementations for bidi control characters in UAX#9.
  2. Only 1 implementation that require Flexbox row-reverse
  3. No implementations that require CSS Regions:
  4. Only 1 implementation for CSSOM View Range.getBoundingClientRect() method.
  5. Only 1 implementation that require text-transform: full-width.

May/Should Features (Not Required To Exit)

  1. Only 1 implementation for form controls.
  2. Only 1 implementation for full-width characters to be converted to non-full-width characters for the text-combine-upright property.

Required Tests That Do Not Meet Exit Criteria

There are 13 tests in this category.

  1. 4.3. Atomic Inline Baseline: These tests check the synthesized baseline of an inline-block with block descendants.

    No implementations pass these tests. Note that these tests are for vertical-lr, all tests for vertical-rl have 2+ implementations.

  2. 5.1. Orienting Text: the text-orientation property: These tests are for text-orientation: upright defining: This value causes the used value of direction to be ltr, and for the purposes of bidi reordering, causes all characters to be treated as strong LTR.

    No implementations pass these tests.

  3. 7.1: Principles of Layout in Vertical Writing Modes: 3 among the 256 tests for absolute-positioned objects fail. These 256 tests cover combinations of a) direction, b) text-align, c) box offsets (top, left, right, bottom, auto), d) orthogonal and non-orthogonal, and e) ICB.

    Only 1 implementation passes these tests.

  4. 9. Glyph Composition: This test checks when the text inside text-combine-upright has a new line character.

    Only 1 implementation passes this test. Note that a similar test that has a space character has 2 implementations.